Metal Solutions

With over 100 years of combined roto molding and metal fabricating experience, Valor Plastics specializes in custom tooling (molds) for the Rotational Molding industry. Heck, we even build tooling for our competitors. We are experienced in fabricating the simplest of molds to the most complex. Our metal fabrication customers range from aerospace to automotive.


Custom tooling (Molds) can be made out of a variety of alloys, including:

  • Aluminum molds
  • Stainless steel molds
  • Cast aluminum tooling

Mold Features

A few features that can be added to the tooling for maximum efficiency:

  • Pull or insert pins
  • Clamping flanges
  • Bolts and receivers
  • Dual cavity molds
  • Tongue and groove parting lines
  • Framing