Open Top Tanks For Sale

Open Top Tanks For Sale

Open Top Tanks For Sale

Open top tanks are normally utilized for water, liquid and dry chemical storage applications. It is also common for these tanks to be used as dipping and plating tanks. The polyethylene / polypropylene used in the manufacturing process is safe for potable water storage if necessary. The walls of these tanks are translucent for easy surveying and measurement of the current content level in the container.

Polyethylene is normally the material of choice for these tanks but in certain conditions such as high temperature liquid storage or the storage of corrosive chemicals, polypropylene is the most suitable material for the tank's construction. If you have any questions about the safe storage of a particular substance please do not hesitate to call our open top tank experts at (877) 756-2388 today. is also proud to offer the following choices for our line of open top tanks:

  • Custom Colors
  • Fiberglass Reinforced (FRP) Open Top Tanks
  • Steel Open Top Tank Stands
  • Custom Open Top Tanks are available for large quantities.


Bulk quantity discounts are available when ordering so make sure you call us and find out what discounts you are eligible for when ordering your tanks.

These tanks are also commonly referred to as chemical mixing tanks or batch tanks, but also can be considered plastic water tanks open top. It is a fairly common practice for these tanks to house a chemical that is later mixed with water or another liquid to attain a homogeneous mixture.

Chemical Mixing Tanks:

Chemical mixing tanks are compatible with a wide variety of mixers including:

  • Electric Motors
  • Pneumatic Motors
  • Variable Speed Controllers
  • Mounting Brackets
  • C-Clamp Mixers
  • Push & Pull Blades


Open Top Batch Tanks:

Vertical open top batch tanks are primarily used indoors and are common in batch chemical and mixer mounting systems. When ordering be sure to specify if you need a bolted on or hinged lid. The majority of our open top batch tanks are designed to hold substances with a specific gravity of 2.0 or less.

As with all of the tanks offered for sale by custom fittings can be installed per the customer's request for their specific tank applications.

Our open top tanks come in a variety of configurations including cylindrical, rectangular and with conical bottoms.

Brine Tanks:

Brine tanks are manufactured from a black polyethylene resin and are ideal for situations where the maximum amount of ultraviolet light / radiation needs to be blocked in order for the integrity of the tank's interior contents to not be compromised. These containers are normally used when water needs to be saturated with a mixture has a consistency of almost 100% salt. Optional lids are also available for purchase with these tanks.

Brine Tanks Feature:

  • Polyethylene resin in compliance with US FDA regulations 21 CFR 177.1520 (C) 3.1 and 3.2
  • Superior impact and chemical resistance for a prolonged and dependable storage solution.
  • Heat tolerance up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Open top design allows for convenient access to mix or fill the tank.
  • Bottoms of the tanks are self supporting.

Regardless of the tank you decide to purchase you can take comfort in knowing that only sells tanks that are manufactured to be cost effective, energy efficient, easily maintained and appropriate for a variety if chemical storage tanks and mixing processes. Regardless of the chemical tank storage capacity, quantity of tanks ordered or the viscosity of the chemicals that will be mixed we have a solution that will meet your needs.

Name Capacity Length Width Height Diameter Part #

200 Gallon Cylindrical Open Top Tank

200 Gallons N/A N/A 50" 35" VAL-200-OP

300 Gallon Cylindrical Open Top Tank 46" Dia

300 Gallons N/A N/A 40" 46" VAL-300-46OP

300 Gallon Cylindrical Open Top Tank 35" Dia

300 Gallons N/A N/A 80" 35" VAL-300-35OP

525 Gallon Cylindrical Open Top Tank

525 Gallons N/A N/A 68" 46" VAL-525-OP

1500 Gallon Cylindrical Open Top Tank

1500 Gallons N/A N/A 46" 93" VAL-1500-OP

2000 Gallon Cylindrical Open Top Tank

2000 Gallons N/A N/A 66" 93" VAL-2000-OP

2500 Gallon Cylindrical Open Tank

2500 Gallons N/A N/A 80" 96" VAL-2500-OP