Portable Water Tanks

Portable Water Tanks

Valorplastics.com is proud to sell a wide variety of portable water transport tanks and flat bottom tanks ideal for professional and amateur haulers alike. Our tanks are manufactured from linear polyethylene and are designed to easily fasten and secure to truck beds and trailers for maximum portability. Depending on the specific gravity of the substance being stored in the containers you may need to secure your tank with tie down bands and additional support.

Flat Bottom Utility Tanks:

Flat bottom plastic utility tanks can be used to store a variety of liquids but are most commonly used in water hauling applications. The tanks feature gallon indicators on the side, a pre-installed manway and an outlet fitting for easy draining and filling of the tank.

Horizontal Leg Tanks:

Horizontal Leg Tanks are normally used for transporting liquids but it is not uncommon to see them used for stationary applications. The tanks themselves are manufactured from food and drug administration approved polyethylene resins for the safe storage and transportation of potable water. Steel bands are mandatory for larger gallon capacity tanks to prevent the tank from collapsing / buckling due to the weight of the stored liquids. Skid plates are also available for purchase.

Auto Detail Tanks / Pressure Washer Tanks:

Auto detail tanks and pressure washer tanks are designed to be used for liquid storage in mobile applications where ease of transportation is critical. These tanks can easily be attached to a pressure washer system and are a favorite among mobile auto detailers nationwide.

Name Capacity Length Width Height Diameter Part #

60 Gallon Pressure Wash Auto Detail Tank

60 Gallons 42" 28" 16" N/A VAL-0060-AUTO

100 Gallon Pressure Wash Auto Detail Tank

100 Gallons 38.5 26.5 25 N/A VAL-0100-AUTO

150 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank

150 Gallons 43" 34" 36" N/A VAL-HL150